What’s DESIRE Got To Do With It?

Deepen Your Desire. Pursue Excellence. Live Well.

What’s DESIRE Gotta Do With It?

de·sire is defined as an expressed wish. What do you desire? ….for yourself, for your life, for your future….

The intention of this site is to movitate and inspire a desire for personal excellence, a desire for wholesome living, a desire for a better planet, a desire for a conscious world, a desire for total body wellness..

So, I ask again.. what do you desire? Where do your thoughts focus on a daily basis? What information are you allowing into your consciousness? who are you allowing into your inner circle? And, are you achieving the results that you desire for your life?

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The Courage to Desire Excellence

Often we are content. Furthermore, some may even accept suffering and unhappiness as a ‘way of life’.

I invite you to have the courage to desire more for yourself, your loved ones, your life and your future. Commit to making changes everyday toward a path of greater awareness, love, peace, joy and happiness.

Caveat: By ‘more’ I don’t mean more things, more money, more consumables. I mean more knowledge, more self-awareness, more growth, more health, more vitality. Because those are truly the things that success is made of. And total body health and well-being is our most valuable asset.

Today, do one thing to better an area of your life.

Have The Courage to Desire Excellence

Remember, deepen your desire, deepen your success!!

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Deepen Your Desire and Awaken to Your Greater Potential

Sedated and Intoxicated

A large chunk of humanity is unconscious; effectively sleep-walking through critical stages of life and humanity.

It is said that Super Bowl XLV which took place on February 6, 2011 became the most-watched American television program in history, drawing an average audience of 111 million viewers.

Nielson Ratings reported that the average American spends 4 hours and 49 minutes in front of the TV.

What Does This All Add Up To?

Television programming is just that: programming.
Hours spent on mindless mass entertainment produces adverse neurological effects placing an individual into a sedative, hypnotic state; add to that the negative physical implications including obesity, poor sleep behaviour. Author Wes Moore presents an in-depth expose on the matter in his article, Television: Opiate of the Masses, that appeares on Family Source.

To keep this post fair and balanced, television is simply one addictive agent in today’s modern society. My point here is to bring an awarenes around the things that occupy your lesisure and more importantly, what material(s)/information you are feeding your conscious and subconscious mind.

Don't Sleep Walk Through Life. Wake Up. Feel Alive. Live well.

Did You Know?

Your thoughts shape your actions and behaviours and result in the outcomes we call ‘our life’. And your thoughts are influenced and shaped by the things you feed your mind on a daily basis.

It is time to Deepen Your Desire and Awaken to Your Greater Potential

Wake Up World

Take inventory of your life. I ask you to consider how workable the important areas of your life are (i.e. your personal relationships, your finances, your career, your spiritual life, your health).

Deepen Your Desires, Deepen Your Focus on Self Improvement and Reap the Rewards of Excellence.

Free up valuable time and space in your life for expansion of your mind, spiritual growth, physical activity, and an explosion of vitality awaits you.

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