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What’s DESIRE Got To Do With It?

What’s DESIRE Gotta Do With It? de┬Ěsire is defined as an expressed wish. What do you desire? ….for yourself, for your life, for your future…. The intention of this site is to movitate and inspire a desire for personal excellence, … Continue reading

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The Courage to Desire Excellence

Often we are content. Furthermore, some may even accept suffering and unhappiness as a ‘way of life’. I invite you to have the courage to desire more for yourself, your loved ones, your life and your future. Commit to making … Continue reading

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Deepen Your Desire and Awaken to Your Greater Potential

Sedated and Intoxicated A large chunk of humanity is unconscious; effectively sleep-walking through critical stages of life and humanity. It is said that Super Bowl XLV which took place on February 6, 2011 became the most-watched American television program in … Continue reading

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