Get (and stay) healthy and fit in 3 EASY STEPS

It is more critical than ever to be in health. Reasons range from the global economy dwindling, healthcare costs rising, strife and uncertainty, social collapse, the fossil fuel, energy crisis; several other issues make this a pertinent time to care about feeling your sharpest and best, physically, mentally, spiritually.

So where and how do you start?desire vibrant health, vitality, and well being

Start big. I am familiar with the all-too popular mantra of start small; baby steps; This, my friends, is the time for big leaps and massive changes. Starting small gets you nowhere (fast, or arguably, at all); yes, there is a lot of rhetoric that appeals to the masses — “start where you’re at”; “small changes make big difefrences”, etc; I am here to tell you, that while those messages are popular, because they allow for the same destructive behavior that gets you nowhere, those “start small” messages do not produce results. So, back to what you can do to get into a healthy state, now. Start BIG. Start with the desire and will to reform your present state. While that may not seem like a tall order, it is. It takes discipline and eliminating old emotional habits and pain that keep you repeating patterns that no longer serve your health and well-being.

The rest is easy. The actual premise of what will benefit your body and mind, nutritionally speaking, is simple and technically driven and the blueprint is easy to folow. It is the afore mentioned desire and will that is the big obstacle for most. Once you have committed, TRULY committed, to being in health; once you visualize your outcome, and desire a state of health and wholeness, the ‘plan’ is simple. Eat (and drink) well. It consists of vital nutrition that is highly beneficial for your cellular metabolism. Simple, everyday foods that you will consume with delight because they nourish you from the inside out. And the resulting joy, energy, well being is amazing and awesome. Keep your body nourished with green juices, fresh, wholesome, natural and raw foods and plenty of hydration to ensure cellular vitality.

Always re-affirm Step 1. Remind yourself of your desire. Strengthen and deepn your desire constantly. Affirm your actions. Let the cycle (and vibrant health) perpetuate..

Cheers, to your vibrant health and mine, and that of this planet.


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