What’s DESIRE Got To Do With It?

Deepen Your Desire. Pursue Excellence. Live Well.

What’s DESIRE Gotta Do With It?

de·sire is defined as an expressed wish. What do you desire? ….for yourself, for your life, for your future….

The intention of this site is to movitate and inspire a desire for personal excellence, a desire for wholesome living, a desire for a better planet, a desire for a conscious world, a desire for total body wellness..

So, I ask again.. what do you desire? Where do your thoughts focus on a daily basis? What information are you allowing into your consciousness? who are you allowing into your inner circle? And, are you achieving the results that you desire for your life?


About deepen your desire

Sacha Fernandes, FIfHI, NC is a passionate educator on human well-being. Her practical strategies for vitality and total body wellness are simple, easy to follow and designed for the average individual. What moves me? The desire to bring about a state of health and well-being to every human adult and child. The desire that each of us becomes aware of our present economic, energy and environmental catastrophies. And the desire to see each of us move toward change. The desire that we are colectively moved into action by love versus fear. The desire that we respect our planet and its finite resources. The desire that each of us finds contentment and joy in our hearts. I invite you to Deepen Your Desire ..for health ..for wisdom ..for social consciousness ..for world matters http://www.fernswellness.ca
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